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Fitness tips from CEOs of start-ups in the health space

In the start-up life, burn-out is common, as are more serious mental-health break-downs. Which is why these CEOs put their health first, no matter how grueling their schedules. Discipline is the cornerstone, as is switching off tech. If they can, we can too.

SAURABH ARORA, CEO and Founder, Lybrate, Delhi

“To be fit is a mind game. Once you know what it is to be fit, you can defeat the mind which will push you to lay back and relax. For me, staying fit comes by regular exercising and eating healthy. It is 10% exercise and 90% eating healthy. Even when I’m at work, I try to walk and talk when on the phone, take the stairs and avoid the lift. Finally, following a fixed sleep pattern is important.”

MEENA GANESH, MD & CEO, Portea Medical, Bengaluru

“I make it a point to prioritise my workouts. It’s not a “good-to-do” activity but a necessity that adds to my productivity and well-being. I go for a run or walk at the crack of dawn, and reflect on the activities for the day. I try and eat right things and generally avoid food containing refined sugar.”

TUSHAR VASHISHT, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe, Bengaluru

“It’s tough with erratic schedules. But I take time out for runs or workouts during the day. We have shower facilities in office and I get out for a quick workout anytime I find a window. In order to destress I run, listen to music, sing and spend evenings with the two special girls in my life Tristha, my wife, and Tashi, my golden retriever. I also love hosting friends and hanging out with them when I can. Mental and physical wellness is important as you can bring your 100% to work.”

AMIT MUNJAL, Founder and CEO, Doctor Insta, Delhi

“Being in the healthcare Industry, it is very important to stay healthy and fit, as people look up to you. I enjoy outdoor things like hiking, trekking, cycling, over the weekend. I avoid elevators as much as possible and also practise meditation. I love taking long walks in the park while plugging in to some music and enjoying the fresh air. Since I love reading too, I spend time on autobiographies, business best sellers, and thrillers. Travelling is one of the best ways I find I reconnect with myself and the more adventurous it is, the more it rejuvenates the soul.”

ABHINAV KRISHNA, Co-Founder and CEO, OurHealthMate, Bengaluru

“Every year I set myself a challenge which acts as a milestone that I’m determined to achieve. The rigorous training goals that I set for myself help me keep mentally and physically fit. I run, cycle, hike long distance. My aim in general is to do at least 10,000 steps on a daily basis and spend 2-3 hours on a cycle over the weekends. I walk a lot on daily basis and get off at one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance.”

ARINDAM SEN, Founder, zyego, Delhi

“I try to fix weekday and weekend time for the family, no matter how busy I am. Even an hour spent with my seven-year-old daughter doing homework or drawing is important to me, apart from being a huge stress buster. Keeping the interaction with family, gadget-free is also very important.”

RAJIV MATHUR, FOUNDER, CCU (Critical Care Unified), Delhi

“I exercise at the start of the day. It needs discipline in the beginning and then becomes a habit. Postponing it to the evening does not work for me. Also working with creative young minds energises me and helps me staying fit overall.”

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