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PM Modi’s call of collective Development ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikass’ has no place for Kashmiris : Farooq Abdullah

Chadoora, Apr 06 : Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Saturday asserted that PM Modi’s rant of collective development ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikass’ had no place for Kashmiris saying that BJP’s ‘Vikas Mantra’ stands truly exposed before the people whose miseries know no limits since BJP took the reins of power in Center.

Party President while addressing an election campaign rally at Bugam Chadoora said, “The much touted development agenda of PM Modi was exclusive and had nothing to offer towards the socio-economic emancipation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Today people are asking questions from BJP as to why they failed to deliver on the promises made during the election campaign of 2014. Today we see how reluctant PM Modi is to talk about his achievements. Nonetheless if anyone humbly raises a question on the attainments of PM Modi, they are out rightly tainted as anti national.”

Dr. Farooq said that the Constitution of India confers upon its citizenry basic rights. “However since the BJP took the reins of power, our basic rights have faced innumerable assaults. Unfortunately RSS-BJP do not visualize an idea of India where in all the people have equal opportunities; where in every one lives with dignity holding ones head high and chin-up.”

Party President said that PM Modi is not willing to give due respect to all communities of India and that his idea of development sans advancement of minorities and other downtrodden people. “Modi’s and Amit Shah’s idea of India is for only the adherents of one particular faith. However let me tell them India belongs to all, be it a Hindu, a Muslim or any one. The nation presents a beautiful mosaic of colors; the need of the hour is to protect the pluralistic visage of India.”

“Had Modi’s idea of development been for all, he would not have shut his eyes on the targeted attacks on our traders, students, and other people putting up across the country following the Pulwama tragedy,” he said.

Dr. Farooq said that PM Modi has miserably failed to deliver on the promises he made while canvassing for 2014 elections. “Modi Ji, we ask you; where are the 2 crore jobs? Where is the black money? What good where you able to achieve with demonetization, other than putting the countrymen to unnecessary duress,” adding, “PM Modi’s imprudent policies have aggravated every single person in the country.”

Dr. Farooq said that our fight with the union of India is in on the quantum of autonomy. “PM Narsimha Rao had attested to our demands of restoring Autonomy to the state in his televised address at Burkina Faso. My father in the run up for Beigh-Parthasarthy Accord had written a letter to Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi impressing upon her that the relation of J&K with the union should be institutionalized on fundamentals of Delhi Agreement. We aren’t asking anything new, PM Rao had unambiguously said that when it comes to granting Autonomy to J&K, sky is the limit.”

Party president while vouching for India-Pakistan friendship said, “India’s development is compliant to a stable and developed Pakistan. Late Vajpayee also thought on these lines, it’s not I who is saying this, Vajpayee also underscored of having affable relations with our neighbor. However PM Modi isn’t thinking on these lines. War in today’s world brings with it plethora of miseries. Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers; any misadventure in the shape of war will have far-reaching consequences on the people of the two neighboring nations. I hope that the new political dispensation in centre will work towards bringing rapprochement with our neighboring country for the greater good of the people living in the sub-continent. We in our state will benefit the most from the friendship of India and Pakistan.”

Party president asked the people to vote notwithstanding the poll boycott call. “Today we are facing onslaught on our identity, so we should make it a point that right people are send to parliament. National Conference is the only party which unquestionably represents the aspirations of the people of the state. We should know what we are voting for. On one side there is hate, violence, vandalism and on the other there is tolerance, secularism and a progressive idea of nation state.”

Among others party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, senior leader Abdul Rahim Rather, party’s chief spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi; Ali Muhammad Dar also addressed the gathering. Political advisor to President Mushtaq Guroo, Abdul Ahad Dar were also present on the occasion.

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