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After Pakistan, Turkey emerges another major threat to India

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Srinagar Jan 28: What could be a major cause of concern for New Delhi, Turkey has sided with Pakistan to provoke Kashmiris against India.

Sources within the security agencies said that both Pakistan and Turkey are making all efforts to attack India at the global level.

“After the Indian government revoked Article 370 and 35-A on August 5, 2019, Imran Khan and Turkey President Erdogan ganged up and have been bashing India in various multilateral platforms including United Nations and OIC,” a top source in New Delhi.

“The decision of the Indian government provided the fodder, the two extremist leaders were desperately looking for to stave off the crisis, brewing among a large section of Turks and Pakistanis against their irresponsible and flawed governance,” the source said.

The most profound according to top officials within security agencies is that Turkey is getting involved in Kashmir is the megalomaniac dream of Erdogan-the hypermaniac revival of caliphate which has no significance in the Muslim world given the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia, as it is embracing modern reforms to wean away Saudis from the influence of Wahhabism. “Security agencies in India are considering all these things and how to deal with them,” they said.

As the 57 member of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is battling leadership crisis, the collusion of Turkey and Pakistan on Kashmir is another diplomatic over true employed by Erdogan to assert symbolic influence vis-à-vis reviving the elusive vicegerent (Khilafa) who Erdogan and Imran Khan believe will unite the whole1.8 billion Muslim Ummah.

After Armenia lost the war on Nagorna-Karabakh region, many political and military commentators in Turkey proudly proclaimed that Kashmir is the next battlefield; Turkey and Pakistan have to jointly conquer.

According to many reliable reports, Turkey is funding many NGOs to provoke the Indian Muslims and extending hundreds of scholarship programmes to Kashmiri youth to pursue education in many reputed universities there.

“Once these gullible youth land in Turkey, they are highly radicalized and indoctrinated to rebel against India,” a top official of the Home Ministry said.

“There is enough evidence to prove Turkey is pumping in billions in Kashmir via Pakistan to bleed the security forces in the valley. Incendiary and inflammatory speeches are delivered and written in Turkish universities and media,” the official said.

With Pakistan always pitching in with her resources, the anti-India sentiment among the Turks and Kashmiris to dangerous level.

“Educationally, economically and militarily, Turkey is goading Kashmiris to foolishly believe Erdogan is their savior in getting rid of India. Incorporating as the liberalism of Kashmir into the global Caliphate fanciful dream of Erdogan has resulted in Pakistan and Turkey launching a concerted attack on India particularly on the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A which the Imran Khan and Erdogan government is falsely lying to the world has been solely done for changing the Muslim majority demographic credentials in Kashmir,” the official said.

From seminars to rallies across Turkey and on various international platforms Erdogan has been bashing India incessantly since August 5, 2019 and accusing India of altering the demography in Kashmir.

It is quite natural that the President of Turkey does not know much about the developments in Kashmir, one can easily understand he is parroting the lines of Imran Khan and General Bajwa.

On November 21, there was a conference hosted by Turkey where the Indian government was severely criticized for revoking the special status in the valley.

What should be more concerning for India is Pakistan succeeding in bringing the powerful Turkish voice to further provoke Kashmiris against India.

Social media was recently abuzz that the Indian intelligence agencies flagged off the concern of Tukey offering money to her mercenaries in Syria for choosing Kashmir as their next battlefront.

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