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How to prevent children from
Hand Foot and Mouth Disease: J&K Govt issues dos and don’ts

SRINAGAR: Waking up to the outbreak of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), Jammu and Kashmir government has issued dos and don’ts to prevent its spread among the children in the valley.
Several schools reported the HFMD outbreak prompting the management to shut down some classes to prevent its spread.

According to Healthline, HFMD is a mild contagious viral infection that affects children. Its symptoms include sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet. The disease is mostly caused by a coxsackievirus. There’s no specific treatment for hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

District Surveillance Unit, IDSP, Srinagar has issued an advisory to prevent the spread of the infection. “The best solution for prevention is the maintenance of proper hygiene and sanitization of the surrounding necessities and environment as well as preventing the infected child from sharing toys, clothes, food or other items with other non-infected kids,” said chief medical officer, Srinagar.

The health department issued a detailed list of dos and don’ts and advised parents to adhere to the guidelines to prevent the spread of HFMD/Tomato Flu.

“Avoid immediate contact with the infected person. Educate your child about the signs and symptoms and their side effects. Tell your child not to hug or touch children having fever or rash symptoms. You should encourage your children about hygiene maintenance and stopping thumb of finger-sucking habits. Encourage the child t use a handkerchief in case of running nose or coughing to avoid the spread of the disease. Don’t scratch or rub the blister. Wash every time you touch these blisters,” the advisory said.

“Try to keep hydrated your child by motivating them to drink plenty of water, milk, or juice. If your child develops symptoms of tomato fever, immediately isolate them from other children to inhibit disease progression. All utensils, clothes, and other utility items including bedding should be separated and sanitized regularly. Always use warm water to clean the skin or bathe the child. Take a nutrition-rich balanced diet to boost immunity,” the advisory added.

Chief Medical Officer also said it is essential to get enough rest and sleep to promote healing. “As yet no antiviral drugs or vaccines are available for the treatment or prevention of tomato flu. People can call on the helpline no 0194-205533.” (TKM)

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